27 Jan 2015
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The terms of "Member" is not means an "User" because anybody can use services provided by BAPMI as long as he/she involved in dispute on capital market field in Indonesia even though he/she is not a member of BAPMI.

"BAPMI's Member" means the signing parties of the Deed of Establishment or any parties that ratified as a Member by the Members General Meeting.

The Member, through the Members General Meeting, has the following entitlements:

  • voting right;
  • ratify the sum of membership fee;
  • ratify and terminate Management and Honorary Council;
  • ratify new Member;
  • ratify and amend the Articles of Association;
  • ratify the Code of Conduct for BAPMI's Arbitrator/Mediator;
  • ratify the Management's annual report;
  • appoint a public accountant to audit BAPMI's financial report; and
  • dismiss BAPMI.
The requirements to be BAPMI's Member:
  1. legal entity/association which part of the business or professional services involve activities in the field of capital market in Indonesia;
  2. commits to obey to the Articles of Association and any rules determined by BAPMI;
  3. commits to pay membership fee;
  4. commits to obey to decision made by the Members General Meeting;
  5. accepted and ratified by the Members General Meeting.

Nowadays BAPMI have 22 Member consist of:

1. the signing parties of the Deed of Establishment:

  1. Jakarta Stock Exchange;
  2. Surabaya Stock Exchange;
  3. Indonesian Clearing and Guarantee Corporation;
  4. Indonesian Central Securities Depository;

2. the parties that has been ratified by the BAPMI's Member General Meeting:

  1. Indonesian Securities Company Association;
  2. Indonesian Public Company Association;
  3. Indonesian Share Registrar Association;
  4. Indonesian Custodian Bank Association;
  5. Indonesian Pension Funds Association;
  6. Indonesian Trustees Association;
  7. Indonesian Securities Brokers Association;
  8. Indonesian Appraisal Companies Association;
  9. Indonesian Appraisers Society;
  10. Capital Market Legal Consultants Association;
  11. Indonesian Accountants Society;
  12. Indonesian Fund Manager Representatives Association;
  13. Indonesian Mutual Fund Managers Association;
  14. Indonesian Securities Investor Society;
  15. Indonesian Underwritter Representatives Association;
  16. Indonesian Corporate Secretaries Association;
  17. Indonesian Securities Dealers Association;
  18. Association of State Bonds Traders.

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