27 Jan 2015
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There are 2 types of Arbitrators in procedures of BAPMI, i.e. permanent Arbitrator (BAPMI's Arbitrator) and non permanent Arbitrator (Ad Hoc Arbitrator).

BAPMI's Arbitrators were selected and appointed by BAPMI's Management based on his/her integrity and competency in the capital market field according to his/her own experties background, they came from vary background such as practicioners, lawyers, accountants and academics. Until right now, BAPMI has appointed 17 Arbitrators, and all of them were registered in the List of BAPMI's Arbitrators. As BAPMI's Arbitrator, all of them are elligible to be appointed by the disputing parties as an Arbitrator for the respective case which refered to BAPMI, and they are also elligible to be appointed as a Mediator in any Mediation process of BAPMI.

Sometimes the disputing party has an intention to appoint someone outside of the List of BAPMI's Arbitrators, or the BAPMI's Management considers to a foreign expert as an Arbitrator. Therefore, BAPMI's Rules gives an opportunity to the Management to appoint an Ad Hoc Arbitrator with the following limitations:

  1. the appointment of Ad Hoc Arbitrator is only to the respective case and automatically ends when the Arbitration process of such case finish;
  2. the Ad Hoc Arbitrator is not handling a position of Sole Arbitrator or the Chairman of Arbitral Tribunal.

In performing the sellection process, if its deemed necessary, the Management may makes consultation to the Indonesian Capital Market Supervisory Agency and BAPMI's Member to ensure that the Arbitrator nominee has a good track record. The decision to appoint someone as an Ad Hoc Arbitrator has signed by the Chairman and the Secretary-General of BAPMI.

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